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Talking Glossary

Networking Terminology


Topics below can be viewed with Real Player

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3DES view 0:24 Triple Data Encryption Standard
AES view 0:28 Advanced Encryption Standard
AH view 0:46 Authentication Header
Business Continuity view 0:37 Business Continuity
Blinding the  Operator view 0:40 Blinding the Operator
Broadband view 2:11 Broadband
DoS view 0:40 Denial of Service
ESP view 0:52 Encapsulating Security Payload
Firewall view 1:15 Firewall
HA view 0:28 High Availability
IDS view 0:55  Intrusion Detection System
IKE view 2:19  Internet Key Exchange
IP view 2:08 Internet Protocol
IPSec view 1:54 Internet Protocol Security
IPSec SA view 1:03 Internet Protocol Security Association
Load Balancers view 0:34 Load Balancers
Multi-Homed ISP view 0:36 Multi-Homed ISP
Packet Filtering view 0:37 Packet Filtering
Sensors view 0:28 Sensors
SHA-1 view 1:03 Secure Hashing Algorithm version 1
Shunning APIs view 0:28 Shunning APIs
SIMS view 0:34 Security Information Management
Split Tunnel view 1:15 Split Tunnel
SSL view 0:41 Secure Sockets Layer
TLS view 0:44 Transport Layer Security
VPN view  1:00 Virtual Private Network
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ARP Real Player 1:08 Address  Resolution Protocol
ASP Real Player 0:39 Application Service Provider
BGP4 Real Player 1:21 Border Gateway Protocol
FTP Real Player 1:10 File Transfer Protocol
HTTP Real Player   0:54 Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
IETF Real Player   0:54 Internet Engineering Task Force
ISP Real Player 0:16 Internet Service Provider
L2F Real Player 0:16 Layer 2 Forwarding Protocol
L2TP Real Player 0:55 Layer 2 Tunneling  Protocol
MAC Real Player 2:22 Media Access Control
MPLS Real Player 0:54 Multi  Label Protocol Switching
NSP Real Player 0:34  Network Service Provider
PPTP Real Player 0:35 Point to Point Tunneling Protocol
RFC Real Player   0:34 Request for Comments Search for RFCs.
xSP Real Player 0:37 Service Provider

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