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 Demand Creation Toolkit
Drawing prospects to your message 
and making your value proposition more visible


The Demand Creation Toolkit  helps your target audience visualize your value proposition clearly and quickly. 

Photo of Chris EllisThe Demand Creation Toolkit  is an education-based marketing tool that combines education with marketing and is delivered in broadcast quality multi media formats for various delivery venues all designed to create interest and  demand for your product. The approach provides your prospect with the necessary technological background information that allows them to more fully appreciate the value of your product and solution. This Toolkit combines the clear instruction from EllisTalks, with the presentation talent of Chris Ellis, powerful graphics and ties into your product’s value proposition creating a brief instructional expose. The content walks your prospect through the specific technology space of your product, discusses some current problems that sets up the concluding sequence that contains your product information and value proposition.


Ten Minute Tutorial - a compelling way to convey your message


See most recent example of this sponsored by Intel and distributed by Network World.


See other samples


Ten Minute Tutorial Details



How the Ten Minute Tutorial works: 

We create a 2 to 20 minute video for your company. You hand out these “Ten  Minute Tutorials” to your prospects. Note: Consider this method for training your sales staff as well!  On the video, Chris Ellis talks to your customers, simplifying the technical complexities that your prospects need to understand to fully appreciate problems your product solves.  Then we tie in your customized marketing message, making your value proposition crystal clear. Think of this as a video white-paper. Your target audience quickly understands with clarity your positioning, the problem you solve, and your value proposition. A new approach for getting your audience down the comprehension curve faster.

The Value to you is: 

The Ten  Minute Tutorial will reach a broad audience and has a high reuse value. Compared to efforts made to reach an audience through a carefully orchestrated conference event at $150,000 to $200,000 the Ten  Minute Tutorial presents very high value when considering: 
a) The clarity required for a short and one shot chance at presenting your message, 
b) The number of people it will reach, 
c)  Its capacity to attract prospects and keep their interest.

The Ten  Minute Tutorial provides your potential customers with a greater appreciation for your product’s capabilities and uniqueness. Your potential customers get a greater appreciation for the problem your product solves and therefore the value your product offers. This package can be customized for you at a lower cost than other effective marketing methods, and you get to capitalize on Chris Ellis’ 21+ years as a networking veteran.

Why customers like receiving this offer from you

They get to learn something for free. Quick path to understanding how your product fits in to their needs. They can better understand your product’s key differentiators moving your product ahead of a similar, competing one. Technology barriers can be so great that they appreciate anything that enables them to understand a market segment quickly and with clarity.