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What Others Have Said About Peter Peets


"During the brief time that Peter worked on our team, he fit in well into our fast-paced environment and effectively brought into synch diverse, global and interdependent contact points and quickly marshaled a solution against carefully analyzed market priorities. We miss his professionalism and personal integrity".

.A. Campbell, Dir Marketing, Cisco



  “Peter is the ideal combination of tenacity and enthusiasm. He dives into the challenge presented, engages stakeholders, rallies key supporters, and drives it through to successful closure”

Jenn Markey – Director of  Marketing– CrossKeys Systems


"Peter is a leader with strengths in communication, interpersonal and analytical skills. Respected by team members and clients, he is a good presenter and listener. He played an integral role in matching customer needs to product features/benefits and providing feedback to the development team. A pleasure to work with."

John George - Vice-President AD Labs Division
Sterling Software




"A creative doer who communicates his message well".

David McKendry - VP of  Marketing – CrossKeys Systems



“Peter joined my marketing team for a telecom software company in September 2000. By November he was training our sales teams and by January he was speaking as an expert at industry forums. This is particularly impressive when you learn that Peter didn't even come from a telecommunications background”

 Jenn Markey – Director of  Marketing – CrossKeys Systems




"Peter possesses a unique combination of marketing and   technical understanding. He always knows where the market is going, but understands the need to deliver products/solutions that solve current business problems in order to generate revenue. Anyone responsible for delivering revenue will benefit from having an individual like Peter on their marketing team."

Wendy Knight Agard
VP, Sales and Marketing, The Pythian Group


From a Customer

"As an IT project manager for the Canadian Minister of Finance I've had to deal with many vendors when evaluating proposed products and services. It was refreshing to deal with a product manager that was both knowledgeable in his product line and with the ability to effectively communicate the features and specs of the product. Peter never dealt in 'vapor ware' promising features or support that was not available, an important fact when trying to put together a project that is 'on time and within budget'. When questions were asked I could always depend on the information being understandable, accurate and timely, a definite asset".

Charles de Grasse - Business and Technology Integration Division, Government of Canada



From a Customer

"Peter is great to work with, hard working, and would be a great asset to  any company he represents. He takes the time to understand the client's challenges and opportunities before developing a solution. Peter brings a results-focused orientation that helps ensure that the client receives real value."

 Danny Woodard - Partner HST
Currently . Solutions Architect Venture Communications"



From an Employee

"His enthusiasm and positive outlook is inspiring and very motivational.  Working with him was a pleasure."

Cheryl Bridgeman – CrossKeys



  For any questions or for more information, send an email to ppeetsinfo@ellistalks.com.