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About EllisTalks

Busy people come to EllisTalks to sort out strategic marketing messages, an exercise that is difficult to do in the flurry of tactical tasks.

Strategy & Operations

  • Aligning opportunity & leveraging technology.
    We provide a business plan check-up to assure that your business is capitalizing on current market conditions, trends, and leveraging technology to match new or emerging opportunities.  Sometimes opportunity presents a very short window and to succeed requires a quick adjustment to strategy to create plans that can reap immediate rewards - but sometimes decision makers are too busy to recognize opportunities, plan, and act. In short order, we can do that for you.

Creating Demand

  • Precision Messaging - Speaking the language of your market.
    Put everyone on the same page with your message. A comprehensive workshop and method to determine: Is your mess age  clear? Does it define you? Does it differentiate you? Does it resonate with your prospects? Does it create demand?
  • Creating Demand - stand out above the competitive noise, with our Demand Creation Toolkit that position the problem, the solution, and your product's value in just 120 seconds - a perfect fit for tighter marketing budgets and those that need to stand out in an cost effective and effective way. This marketing innovation helps companies raise their visibility and generate interest by cutting through all the marketing noise with a fresh approach to getting your message out and generating leads. Learn more.
  • Sales Effectiveness - reducing friction in the sales cycle.
    Defining the call to action in each phase and corresponding sales tools.
    Sales force training - transferring the knowledge required to close sales.
  • Small Biz Package - Can't afford a VP of marketing for a year, how about a few weeks?
    This is our latest offering which has been quite popular lately.
    Call for information. 919.

EllisTalks' goal is for every customer be able to understand their value proposition and be able to articulate it at all levels - from the elevator pitch to the closing meeting. We specialize in product management and product marketing, with special emphasis on messaging, providing a unique lead generation tool, and offer sales effectiveness training.

 About Chris Ellis

Photo of Chris Ellis Chris Ellis is a Fascinating and Entertaining Speaker.  He provides world-class training to global customers while offering best in-class high tech courses and seminars. Chris has more than twenty years of experience in the networking field including eleven years as a software engineer and product manager, where he developed a variety of network communication products. Chris has spent the last decade consulting many clients on WAN solutions, and provides network training on a variety of communications protocols and standards. Client  list includes: Sprint, Alcatel, Hewlett-Packard, Network World, Federal Government, Caw Networks and Spirent Communications, CipherOptics.  Browse the customer testimonials.

About Peter Peets

Peter has 28 years in technology product development, IT enterprise systems, and product marketing. His background, prior to his entrepreneurial years, is in technology product management and product marketing, specifically in the software industry. With a degree in Computer Science, his career began as a systems programmer/analyst and worked through the ranks to VP positions in the realm of product management, strategy, and product marketing, most recently at Cisco Systems. After winning a national award for a sales effectiveness program, Peter launched EllisTalks in 2001, specializing in creating demand with an emphasis on precision messaging and sales effectiveness.  In addition to a marketing and sales service, the EllisTalks business model includes a product up-sell, landing companies such as Cipheroptics, Adidas, and Intel, and companies local to the Research Triangle Park in NC. see 2-minute video  or More details on background